Mikropono na inihagis ni Cardi B sa kanyang fans, ibinebenta sa halagang P5.1-M

Cardi B had gone viral recently after she was recorded throwing her microphone at a fan as retaliation after the concertgoer threw a water bottle at her.

The microphone was recovered by the company that provided the equipment at Cardi B’s concert and put it to good use by selling it on eBay put the proceeds to a charity.

“I decided I’ll just sell it and maybe try to raise money for charities. So that’s why I decided, okay, I picked two charities to try to help out,” Fisher said in an interview with KNTV News Las Vegas.

Currently, the price of the microphone already reached $94,100 or P5.2-M and it was still possible for its price to increase as there are still almost six days left before the bidding ends.

In an interview, Scott Fisher who owned the microphone admitted that he didn’t like how Cardi used their equipment to strick back at her fan, saying that his job was affected by the issue.

“She treated my property like junk, and even if she wrote me a check right then and there, it still could impact my income,” he added.

Cardi has yet to respond to the move by the provider of her microphone.

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