Lea Salonga, handang mawalan ng fans para lamang maprotektahan ang kanyang ‘boundaries’

International singer Lea Salonga said that she was ready to lose fans just to protect her so-called ‘boundaries,’ amid the issue she was facing.

Lea received mixed comments from netizens after she refused to have a photo with Filipino fans who entered her dressing room after performing at the Broadway Theater.

While people paid to watch her perform, Lea said that her fans still have no right to cross her private territory.

“The money you pay for a theater/concert ticket does not mean all-access. You pay for that performer’s art, and that’s where it stops,” said Lea.

“I’m not the type to cuss people out, but I will protect my territory and my boundaries. If I lose fans as a result, so be it,” she added.

However, one of the fans who received a lecture from Lea, Christopher Carpila, denied that they crossed the boundary of their idol.

“Sinabi namin, ‘we want to see Ms. Lea’ so tinanong niya po ‘yung pangalan namin. So pagkatanong po nung pangalan namin, pumasok po siya sa loob. Tapos after awhile, bumalik po siya at tinanong kung ano po ulit ‘yung pangalan namin, so pangalawang beses na po na tinanong ang aming pangalan.” said Christopher while narrating how they were allowed to go inside Lea’s dressing room.

“And then, bumalik nanaman siya sa loob at hindi po namin alam kung ano ‘yung ginawa niya, at lumabas siya sa ikatlong beses, sobrang saya po namin kasi sabi niya ‘you can go inside na’ so syempre kami super happy.” he added.


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