Rico Yan’s mother asks Sabrina M to stop using her son: “Please leave Rico, and us in peace”

Rico Yan’s mother has had enough of the claims made by actress Sabrina M.

In a text message, the late actor’s brother, Bobby Yan, forwarded the reaction of Mrs. Sita Yan to the issue surrounding her son, who passed away in 2002.

Ogie Diaz, in his online show, published the said text messages to be read by the public.

According to Mrs. Yan, while the unfortunate incident that ended her son’s life had happened two decades ago, the ache that Rico’s passing brought was already permanently ‘etched’ into them.

The mother of the late actor was disappointed that her son’s name was dragged into the issue since Rico cannot defend himself anymore from the claims made by Sabrina.

“The recent news swirling around Rico is very unfair. He is no longer around to give his comment, to either refute, deny, or acknowledge the claims. it is not only unfair but disrespectful,” Mrs. Yan said.

She urged Sabrina and other parties involved with the issue to stop using her son.

“I ask everyone concerned to please STOP using Rico’s name for their own individual purposes. Please leave Rico, and us in peace,” she stated.

As of writing, Sabrina’s camp has yet to comment on the statement made by Mrs. Yan.

It can be recalled that Sabrina claimed that she had a ‘secret relationship’ with Rico for two and a half years until the actor passed away.

However, Rico’s ex, Claudine Barretto, reportedly debunked the claims made by Sabrina and even tapped her legal counsel, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio to make legal actions against the returning actress.

Several showbiz reporters were suspicious that Sabrina was only using Rico’s name to promote her movie.

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