Lea Salonga napamura sa nag-livestream ng kanyang performance sa broadway

Singer Lea Salonga expressed her dismay after being informed by one of her fans about the concertgoers who live-streamed her Broadway performance.

In a tweet, netizen @itsyoohopia informed Lea that the three Filipino fans who entered her dressing room without her permission were also spotted recording her performance.

It can be recalled that Lea refused the request of the said Filipino fans for a photo-op.

The said fans recorded Lea during the incident and even posted the video on social media.

“They got too comfortable lol. Btw, just to inform you, during your turn in hll nag live po sila which is so wrong. They deleted it lang. anywaysss, stay safe and take care, Ms. Lea,” the netizen told the singer.

Lea couldn’t stop herself from cursing at the acts done by her fans.

In another tweet, she said that the three fans also rushed to her on the dance floor after the show, but their security personnel prevented them from going near her.

“Oh, I neglected to mention that he and his companions rushed me on the dance floor after the show. Security had to surround me at that point because they got scared,” she said.

It’s not yet known if Lea was planning to pursue legal actions against the said fans.

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