Pinakamayamang ‘pulubi’ sa buong mundo, nakapagpundar ng mahigit P54.3-M sa pamamalimos

A man from India had been declared the richest beggar in the world after wisely using the money he begged on the streets.

Bharat Jain, a resident of Mumbai, accumulated a net worth of $1-M (P54.3-M) after using the money he earned to buy properties and invest some of his money to invest in some businesses.

According to the report of The India Times, Bharat had been begging along the streets of Mumbai for 12 hours, earning around P39,000 to P49,000 monthly.

Bharat had bought an apartment unit worth P7-M and two commercial spaces that he had been renting to tenants for P20,000 monthly.

Despite his job, his two children were studying at a private school while his wife was attending their businesses.

The popular beggar said that he was only forced to beg after losing his job.

However, he never expected that he would earn more money begging along the streets than his previous job.

He said he would continue begging as it was the only well-paying job he knew because he was uneducated.

Meanwhile, Mumbai authorities were planning to do some operations to prevent the influx of beggars in their city.

In 2021, Mumbai launched a ‘zero beggars’ drive against people asking for alms.

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