Rendon Labador responds to Mimiyuuuh’s ‘never date someone na walang pera’ statement: “Kung pangit ka ikaw talaga taga bayad”

Motivational Speaker Rendon Labador made a frank response to influencer Mimiyuuuh’s advice about not dating someone who’s not financially capable.

It can be recalled that Mimiyuuuh’s statement went viral on social media, gaining mixed reactions from the netizens.

“Unang-una, bakit naman ho kasi kayo magjo-jowa ng walang pera? Diyan ka nagkamali eh, nag-jowa ka ng walang pera.” the influencer said.

“Iyan ang aking lesson learned, never ever date someone na walang pera.” he added.

However, Rendon said it’s only right for people who are not good-looking to shoulder all the expenses on their dates.

“Kung pangit ka ikaw talaga taga bayad. Unfair yun kung pangit ka na nga tapos i-lilibre ka pa? Baka smpal*n kita,” the motivational speaker said.

Rendon even assumed that Mimiyuuuh possibly never experienced being treated by his date.

Some fans believed that Rendon had a point in his response to the influencer’s advice.

“This time boss rendon im with you.. basag sya.. ampanget ng statement nya kasi eh,” netizen Kazekage said.

“Mukhang agree ako sayo ngayon dre ah,” netizen Mart commented.

As of writing, Mimiyuuuh has yet to respond to Rendon, who’s known for his statement against popular figures.



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