Remittance collector, naihulog ang milyon milyong piso sa kalsada na ang iba ay hindi na ibinalik ng mga nakapulot

A remittance collector was at risk of paying thousands of pesos after the money he collected, worth 3-4 million, fell along the South Road Properties in Cebu City.

According to the report of The Freeman, the collector only recovered half of the money when some bystanders swarmed and picked up some of the paper bills that fallen along the road.

While some kindhearted people helped the collector to recover the money, some took advantage of the situation and pocketed the bills.

The collector narrated that he was riding to Mandaue City when he noticed that his zipper bag was left open, making most of the paper bills fall along the road.

He witnessed how some motorist quickly stole the bills and even fled when he asked them to return the money.

It’s not yet known how his employer would handle the situation, but some netizens believed that only losing his job would be the best scenario for the collector.

The inventory found that only P2,083,110 were recovered, while only P13,500 were returned by the bystanders who helped the collector.

Netizens couldn’t hide their sadness about the incident, realizing that many people took advantage of the unfortunate incident.

“Kahit pa may kapabayaan ung tao sabihin natin mali sya…Mas mali at hindi parin tama na samantalahin o manamantala sa mga ganyang pagkakataon…” netizen Lizel Verdan said.

“Kawawa ang collector. Siya liable dyan, kung pagbabayarin sya habang buhay nyang huhulugan yan,” netizen Cashmere remarked.


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