Jalosjos family masama ang loob sa Eat Bulaga Dabarkads: “We were never treated like a family”

Executives of Television and Production Exponents Inc. (TAPE Inc.) revealed the treatment they received from the hosts of staff of Eat Bulaga while working with them for several decades.

In an interview, Jon and Bullet Jalosjos said that they were never even treated like they belonged to the Eat Bulaga family despite working with them for many years.

“We have been part of the show since I was born… since it started. But every time the family would come here, we were never given the… we were never treated like we were even family or we were even part [as] producers. Talagang wala.” Bullet who’s the Chief Finance Office of TAPE said.

While they clarify that they don’t want to be treated as special, they were still saddened that they were not treated correctly.

According to them, they were not even allowed to visit the dressing room of the former Eat Bulaga hosts without permission.

“Kahit na ako yung president, kahit na kami yung producer, hindi ako nakakapasok diretso sa loob ng dressing room nila.” Jon who’s the current President of TAPE revealed.

It can be remembered that the conflict between the executives of Tape Inc. and people working at Eat Bulaga reached its boiling point after Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon already announced their resignation from the said production company.

Aside from the TVJ, the hosts and other staff of Eat Bulaga also left the show.

Currently, the former people behind Eat Bulaga already signed contract with TV5 for their upcoming new show.


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