College student na pumasok na lasing, nag-maoy sa loob ng kanilang eskwelahan

A college student was facing big trouble after confronting a teacher while he was under the influence.

In a video circulating on social media, the said student can be seen entering a classroom in the middle of the lecture and talking to the female teacher.

At first, the student who was visibly under the influence was talking calmly to the teacher, but the situation started to escalate later on when the two started to argue.


According to some sources, the teacher already noticed that the said student was under the influence so she just asked him to go out of their classroom. However, the student insisted that he was sober.

“Bakit ka pupunta dito eh hindi kita estudyante?” the teacher told the student.



The next scene became more intense after the teacher started to call for security to forcefully remove the student and to be brought to the DO.

It can be seen that the student started to confront and shout at the teacher, fortunately the security personnel present at the scene stopped him from doing the worse.

In the last video uploaded by the netizen, the student can be seen crying and talking to the security personnel asking them not to remove him from the school.

As of writing, the school where the student was studying has yet to give any statement about the incident.

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