Jake Zyrus announces that he will leave social media: “A lot of people have tried to break me,”

Singer Jake Zyrus, formerly known as Charice Pempengco announced that he would leave social media temporarily because of the criticisms he was receiving from some netizens.

According to him, he wanted to focus on his ‘mental health’ by taking a break from social media.

“It’s been a rough ride. A lot of people have tried to break me, so this is me fighting back, by healing.” Jake said.

“I know it’s not gonna be easy, but I also know it will help me a lot. If you’re looking for a sign to also take a break because it’s been a lot for you, this is it. Let’s do this together.” he added.

It can be remembered that Jake went viral on social media after several netizens, including his mother Raquel Pempengco, compared Charice to singer Morisette Amon.

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Jake then reacted to the issue, saying that netizens should stop hoping that Charice would come back.

“Anong gusto ninyong mangyari? Bubuhayin si Charice? Paano? Scientifically, wala, e. It’s impossible because I’m already taking, like, hormones because that’s who I am.” Jake said.

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