Onyok Velasco, hindi mapigilang mapaluha sa regalong sasakyan ng anak na si Ry

Olympic silver medalist Manueto “Onyok” Velasco couldn’t stop becoming emotional after receiving a gift from his daughter.

In her post, Ry Velasco made a surprise for her father who’s a former boxer and also a comedian.

In the said video, it can be seen that Ry personally brought a pickup truck to her father.

Onyok was visibly surprised that the daughter she raised was now giving him his dream car.


He also couldn’t speak because of the overwhelming emotion he felt.

“I love you, dad. You deserve everything,” Ry said.

“You’ve given everything to us Dad. I owe it all to you. I love you,” she added.


you have the purest heart dad. you deserve everything, ily 💫

♬ Snow On The Beach – Taylor Swift

Netizens also became emotional after watching the relationship between Onyok and Ry.

“The reason why I love ry is because of this!!! She is very very very family oriented!!!! She is a good daughter good sister a good furmom!” netizen Claire said.

“Manifesting soon I can do this to my dad,” netizen Mhica commented.

“HUHUHU KAKAIYAK :((((((( I always love seeing your dad sa vlogs mo kasi ang cute niyo :((( this is so sweet!!!!!! Hope we get a vlog from this!!!” netizen Chelsea remarked.


It can be recalled that while Onyok received all the glory after giving the Philippines a silver medal during the 1996 Summer Olympics, the retired boxer was still chasing the unfulfilled incentives of the government that he was supposed to receive.

According to Onyok, he didn’t receive some of the pledges including the P2.5-M from the House of the Representatives.

In 2021, the retired boxer received P500,000 from the government after they heard his plead.

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