Mav Gonzales answers netizens asking why she’s still single: “Mabuti nang wala kaysa mali”

GMA News reporter Mav Gonzales received much admiration from the netizens especially because of her beautiful face.

That’s why many of her followers were wondering why she decided to become single despite being 33 years old already.

Mav who’s already single for 9 years said that she was being careful when it comes to choosing her potential partner.

According to her, it’s better to be single than to have a failed relationship.


Mav recalled one of the comments made by her fan: “Baka mamaya hindi ka na magkaanak, baka malipasan ka ng panahon,”

The reporter then responded: “Mabuti nang wala kaysa mali,”

Mav clarified that she’s open to having a date, but she’s very careful about choosing her potential partners.


She believed that God would provide the right person for her even if she was not going to search for it.

The reporter also gave some advice to single people like her.

“Huwag kayo magpapa-pressure na ‘yun nga lagi ko sinasabi, mabuti nang wala, kesa mali.” she said.


Mav also shared the type of person she likes.

“Wala akong type physically and siguro sa personality, gusto ko siyempre very important ‘yung consistent at saka ako talaga ang gusto ko funny. Kasi funny is forever, nawawala ‘yung good looks, ‘yung abs nawawala yan, pero ‘yung nakakatawa hanggang tumanda ka nandiyan ‘yun, kaya important.” she stated.


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