Teacher-vlogger Jeric Maribao distributed one sack of rice for every parent who attended the PTA Meeting

A teacher and a vlogger went viral on social media because of his own way of celebrating the Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) meeting.

PTA meetings are considered important to build strong relationships between teachers and parents.

It’s also an opportunity for teachers to tell the parents about the progress of their child.

While most PTA meetings were considered normal events, teacher Jeric Maribao made the gathering flashy to encourage the parents to attend.

In his video, it can be seen that Jeric who’s teaching in Misamis Occidental distributed one sack of rice to every parent who attended the PTA meeting.

He also threw a party for his students and even danced with them.

Maribao also shared the lesson he learned after producing the said content that already gained 5.7-M views as of writing.

“1. A Teacher must be professional. Lahat ng teachers may good and bad side. As much as possible, we dont need to show our bad sides. Once we go inside the classroom, positive characters must be showed.

“2. Teachers are instrument of love. Hindi lahat ng mga bata ay nakaranas ng purong pagmamahal. As teachers, we are the bridge to fill this gap. As shown in the video, I let my pupils say sorry to their parents. I realized and observed, they were not open to saying sorry for 11 to 12 years as children.

3. To be a good father, not just a teacher. Now I found my existence. I look forward to be an effective teacher, I am unaware that I already displayed fatherly figure, Thanks be to God

“4. Teachers are instrument of kindness. We have the opportunity to display positive traits especially kindness. Im not rich, but I can give my heart to teaching. I am not forever blessed with money but as long as I received blessings, I will not be tired helping others.

Maribao is known for being generous to his students, like distributing vitamins and food.

He’s also one of the most successful vloggers in the country because of his unique content.

Netizens also praised the teacher for his style of teaching because it encouraged the students to love studying.

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