Beth Wilson expresses dismay after not having a chance to see or talk to her nephew Connor

Beth Wilson, the sister of model Maggie Wilson-Consunji could hide her dismay at having no chance to see or talk to her nephew Connor.

In an Instagram story, Beth shared her messages to Connor, who’s not responding to her messages anymore since billionaire Victor Consunji, the husband of her sister, started to accuse his wife of adultery.


“When you haven’t been able to see or talk to your nephew since January, and then you see other people just casually posting a photo while other people are hurting! Do some people just have no feelings at all? My heart breaks and I can only imagine how much my sisters heart aches!” Beth wrote.

“Not only have we not been able to see Connor but this situation has also been very hard to see my sister as a family given her situation! I work in Riyadh and our dad works in Jeddah and our mum in Manila and the few times we get to see each other is in Manila for the Holidays and in the past few years that has not been possible because my sister cant come home. Praying for better days,” she also wrote.

Meanwhile, Victor was having a good time with Connor together with his rumored girlfriend Rachel Carrasco.


On April 22, Rachel posted a photo of her, together with Victor, Connor, and the mystery baby that was rumored to be her child with the businessman.

The photo received attention from netizens who were wondering why Connor was in the custody of his father.




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