Joel Cruz answers netizens who urge him to marry the surrogate mother of his eight children

Businessman Joel Cruz answered the question from some netizens who were curious if he was considering marrying the surrogate mother of his eight children.

Joel has eight children via surrogacy, and the eggs that used to achieve that came from Lilia, a tall and beautiful Russian national with a high IQ.

The businesswoman who owned the local perfume brand Afficionado met Lilia several times, so netizens were asking if there were a chance for the two to become husband and wife.

However, Joel, who’s openly gay, said that there’s no chance for him to marry Lilia.

“I have no plan to marry the mother of my children because it was a program called InVitro Fertilization or Surrogacy wherein the biological mother offered her services to donate egg cells and carried my first set of twin.” Joel said.

According to him, Lilia was already married and also have her own family.

“The mother is married with [an] 11-year-old daughter. The fact that I am gay, happy, single father is enough already, and I don’t need to marry her at all! She has a very happy family and life to enjoy!” said Joel.

It can be recalled that Joel spent P52-M to achieve eight children, and all of them were taken care of by his nannies.

It’s not yet known if the businessman was still considering having more children as he was rich enough to afford more.


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