Claudine Barretto, binatikos ng ilang netizens dahil sa wala itong permiso na ibahagi ang larawan ni Santino

Claudine Barretto received criticism on social media after some netizens expressed concern over the feelings of the actress’ son Santino.

It can be recalled that Claudine posted a rare photo of her son despite telling her not to post it.


“Wow Finally, he agreed to have his picture taken with me. I promised not to post this, though,” Claudine said.

The photo had already reached millions of views on social media which made the netizens worry about why Claudine still posted the photo of her son despite his opposition.

“If you promised not to post, then don’t. Respect your child’s request. This is important to him at this stage. Don’t ruin the trust,” a netizen told Claudine.

However, Claudine insisted that Santino had already allowed her to post his photo.


“Ok lang po sa kanya. Alam nya na. Natawa lang po. Hirap po talaga pag binata,” she said.

Claudine already deleted the said photo, so many netizens suspected that Santino already felt bad after his photo had been seen by millions.

A netizen also defended Santino from netizens who said that he was just being dramatic.


“Let’s not be so negative towards the generation today… Hindi lahat ng kabataan eh kagaya ng mga sinasabi nyo. Once in your younger years may mga ganyan ding bata and it’s not a negative thing to do. Older people nowadays expect younger generations to act like an Adult but still treat them like Babies. It’s kinda toxic to assume na kapag kabataan wala na agad alam sa buhay…” netizen Aldrin said.


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