Atty. Anthony Mark Emocling, naging kauna-unahang bulag na nakapasa sa bar exam sa Pilipinas

For the first time, a visually-impaired man passed the bar exam that was held last year.

University of Baguio (UB) Law School alumnus Anthony Mark Emocling made history for being the first blind bar passer in the country.

Emocling, who’s a son of a taxi driver, was also a cum laude graduate of Political Science at the same university.\

Ilocos Sur Mayor Pablito Sandidad Sr., who’s a professor of Emocling, congratulated the new lawyer for making history.

“Congratulations ANTHONY MARK DULAWAN EMOCLING!!! My blind student at the University of Baguio, School of Law (UBSOL) who against all the odds and despite being blind is now a Lawyer!” he said.

Emocling received praise from the netizens for his achievement.

“Congratulations Attorney for a dream come true. Your truly blessed good luck together with your family most especially to your parents. God bless,” netizen Ressie said.

“Congratulations on ur determination to achieve whatever any normal person can do! Truly nothing can hinder ur willpower. God bless u more Atty!” netizen BobRaq commented.

“Congratulations sir. The blindless truth will now be seen through your pure heart and soul. May the highest providence be upon you.” netizen Yaying remarked.


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