Mga miyembro ng LGBTQ community, kasama sa priority lane ng isang opisina ng LTO: “The world is healing”

An office of the Land Transporation Office (LTO) went viral on social media after a member of the LGBTQ community shared a photo showing that they were part of the priority lane in the said government establishment.

The photo posted by Jefferson Cortez, Chief of Staff at Ateneo de Naga University Supreme Student Government, showed that aside from Senior Citizens, Pregnant Women, and persons with disability, LGBTQ members were also part of the priority lane of LTO San Isidro District Office in Isabela.

Cortez believed that the decision of the said LTO office was a victory among LGBTQ.


“Mga accla, we are winning, priority na tayo,” Cortez said.

The photo gained mixed reactions even among the members of the LGBTQ community.

According to some netizens, the decision of the said LTO office might give a bad impression on their community.

“Ha? Why? When they observe “totally capable” individuals using the priority lane merely because they belong to that community, it could possibly fuel greater prejudice and stigma. Then perhaps a large number of people will pretend to be part of that group in order to get that privilege.” netizen Ajhay said.


“part din ako ng LGBTQ+ pero medyo ano ako dito,” another netizen commented.

“Being a member of LGBTQIA+ Community does not, will not and should not grant you special privileges such as this. Gender equality does not call for specialized treatments but rather EQUAL, EQUITABLE, JUST and INCLUSIVE rights,” netizen RA remarked.

As of writing, LTO San Isidro has yet to explain why they included the LGBTQ+ on their priority lane.






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