Isang lalaki, maswerteng nakakuha ng perlas na nagkakahalaga ng P1.6-M sa loob ng kakaining kuhol

A man couldn’t believe that he would become an instant millionaire because of the snail that he was planning to eat for lunch.

In a report made by Pattaya News, Amorn Prakongkwan, 54, luckily picked up a very rare pearl inside the snail he was planning to eat .

The said pearl has been identified as a Melo pearl also known as ‘Dragon Pearl’ that could only be acquired inside a Melo snail, a species of sea snail.

According to Amorn, he saw the pearl during the cooking process of the snail.

He even threw away the pearl but decided to pick it up again, suspecting that the said stone might have value.

His guess was right, and an expert informed him that the pearl he took was very rare.

After inspection, the pearl has been proven authentic and weighs over 10.33 carats.

While the experts have yet to determine the price of Amorn’s pearl, it’s possible that it could be worth more than 1.6-M pesos.

The pearl still needs more inspection to determine its exact price.

Meanwhile, Amorn bought the snail where the pearl came from for only P65 pesos per kilo.

Experts warned the netizens who were expecting to be like Amorn that Melo pearl was extremely rare and the man was only very lucky to get one.



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