PNP hinimok ng mga netizens na kasuhan ang ‘Tukomi’ dahil sa kanilang prank: “Hinde nakakatawa ang ginagawa nila.”

Content creator group ‘Tukomi’ went viral on social media because of the prank that almost cost them their lives.

Several days ago, a police officer identified as PSSg Ronnie Conmigo tried to stop the group from doing their prank because he thought that someone was really forcefully being captured.

Fortunately, Conmigo thought many times before using his service firearm against the group.

While he was quickly told by Tukomi that they were only playing pranks, Conmigo said that what the content creators did was a bad joke and should not be imitated by other vloggers.

Conmigo added that Tukomi was fortunate enough that the one that they encountered was an experienced police officer and not a new one that may be prone to doing bad decisions.

Despite the controversy of the said incident, Tukomi still decided to upload the video to make some cash out of it.

Some netizens urged Conmigo to file charges against Tukomi so they could learn their lesson.

“Dapat paimbestigahan na yang Tukomi brothers na yan. Maraming aksidente silang lilikhain sa prank nila. Dapat responsable sila sa kanilang jokes kasi hinde nakakatawa ang ginagawa nila.” netizen Luis Palacios.

“Kasohan cla dapat, hndi ung hayaan n lng, magiging dating nian tlgang kasabwat kau sir, lalo nat pinalabas p nila sa youtube ibig sabhn proud p clang may naloko n pulis,” netizen Virgina commented.

“Sir with all due respect tanong ko lang po Di po ba pasok sa alarm and scandal po yan?” netizen Mondan asked.

It’s not yet known if Conmigo was planning to file charges against the Tukomi brothers.

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