Sen. Bato dela Rosa, inalala ang pagiging kargador at konduktor sa bus noon

Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa shared a photo during his visit to the Davao region and remembered his past job before becoming a policeman.

In his post, he showed the City of Digos, where he worked as a fish market laborer to support himself.

“Below me is the City of Digos where I grew up working as fish market laborer/ kargador.” Dela Rosa said.

Aside from being a laborer, Dela Rosa also shared that he also became a bus conductor.

The senator grew to a poor family, sharing that his father was working as a tricycle driver.

Despite the difficulties in life, Dela Rosa still prioritized his education and took a Bachelor of Science degree in public administration at Mindanao State University.

However, a bigger opportunity arrived when he was accepted to the Philippine Military Academy and graduated in 1986.

Dela Rosa gained his biggest break when former President Rodrigo Duterte won the election and assigned him as the leader of the PNP.

Because of his popularity, he also won the senatorial election after retiring from being a police.

Despite his inspiring story, Dela Rosa still couldn’t evade criticisms because of his policies during his term as the PNP chief.


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