Priscilla Meirelles, ready na sa ‘gera’ at tinawag na ‘Half Filipino-Half Filter’ si Chiyo dela Vega

Priscilla Meirelles took a swipe against the alleged mistress of her husband John Estrada.

It can be recalled that model and content seller Chiyo dela Vega captured the attention of the netizens after she posted her conversation with Priscilla, who asked her about her relationship with John.

“Going to Cebu this April 6, let’s meet. Since you are so friendly. Bringing the whole family including him [John],” Priscilla told Chiyo.

Chiyo posted the said conversation on her social media page but deleted it later on.


In her recent posts, Priscilla made a message addressed to an individual believed to be Chiyo, making fun of the latter’s excessive use of face filter.

“Ganda mo sa picture. Siguro may lahi ka noh? Half Filipina, Half FILTER,” she said.

Priscilla also shared a selfie, showing her natural beauty with a caption hinting that she’s ‘ready for war’.


Some netizens expressed their support for Priscilla, who’s been married to John since 2011.

“Ung ang ganda mo tas ipapalit kalang sa p*k² na retokada,” netizen @hijara.18 said.

However, some advise her not to post about Chiyo anymore.


“Word of advice, DON’T lower yourself to the girl’s level. If you can’t take it, seek legal advice… otherwise by making this a whole social media fiasco, the girl’s only getting “fame” out of this issue… because let’s face it, NOBODY knows her that much until you brought her to our attention… YOU, you are well known already…so don’t stoop down to her level… as the saying goes, “Never wrestle with a pig, you’ll both get dirty and the pig will love it.” netizen lissee_02 told Priscilla.

“As they say, it takes two to tango. Don’t lose your self worth by keeping him and fighting with the “other” girl. There’s more fish in the sea. If he can’t treat you right now, he’ll never will! You’re a beautiful woman. You’ll find your own catch…” netizen @jennifer_nob commented.


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