Isang estudyante, inulan ng papuri matapos tulungan kumain ang kaklase na walang kamay

A student received thousands of praise from netizens after he was spotted helping his armless classmate to eat.

The 19-second clip has been uploaded by @mynewshub on their social media page, showing the kind student feeding his classmate who’s having difficulty eating because of his disability.

He was helping his classmate by using the stick so his PWD friend could eat without making so much effort.

The identity of the said students was not disclosed, but it’s already getting millions of views from Southeast Asian countries.

Netizens praised the student for being helpful to his friend and sacrificing his time to assist him.

According to some sources, the video was taken in one of the schools in Thailand and not in the Philippines.

However, some people said that it was not important where the video was taken and it’s already enough for them to see the kindness and friendship between the two students.

As of writing, the video has already reached millions of views online after being featured on several social media pages.



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