Asawa ni John Estrada, may mensahe kay Chiyo dela Vega: “Let’s meet. Since you are so friendly. Bringing the whole family including him”

Model and content creator Chiyo dela Vega revealed her conversation with actor John Estrada’s wife Priscilla Meirelles.

It can be recalled that Priscilla made cryptic posts about a woman who was entertaining a married man that made the netizens speculated that John was possibly talking to another girl.


Several days after she made the said posts, Chiyo revealed several screencaps of her conversation with Priscilla who asked her several questions about her interaction with FPJ’s Batang Quiapo star.

In the said messages, it can be seen that Priscilla was the one who sent Chiyo a message first, introducing herself.

“What kind of business do you have with my husband? Let me introduce myself, I am Priscilla Estrada, wife of John Estrada, in case you don’t know.” Priscilla told Chiyo.

Chiyo then responded to the model, saying that she only met the actor during an event once and denied that they were having a conversation.

However, Priscilla said that she saw Chiyo’s messages to John.

“I came across a Viber conversation between the 2 of you that it is not appropriate. You know he is married right?! That’s how I got your #,” Priscilla said.

“What conversation? I’m pretty sure na hindi po kami nag chat. Hiningi lang po nya contact no. ko because for the event lng daw po. But I swear hindi po kami nag chat since,” Chiyo responded.

Chiyo said that she was aware the actor was married and she has no intent of having an affair with John.


“Aware po ako na he’s married. at Wala po sa intension ko na pumatol sa kanya,” she said.

“What do you call a female that give her number/entertain a married guy? For whatever BS excuse she may came up with!” the model said.

She then told Priscilla to ask her husband and not her.

Before ending their conversation, Priscilla offered Chiyo to meet her and she would bring her husband with her.


“Going to Cebu this April 6, let’s meet. Since you are so friendly. Bringing the whole family including him,” the model said.

As of writing, John has yet to give any response to the issue between him and her wife.


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