Priscilla Meirelles, inamin na mayroong pinagdaraanan sa relasyon nila ni John Estrada: “The truth is napuno na ako”

Priscilla Meirelles admitted that she was facing marital problems with the actor John Estrada.

It can be recalled that Priscilla shared cryptic posts about women entertaining married men that netizens speculated as a hint to her problem with John.


In an interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal (, Priscilla said that she was hoping that her marriage problem with her husband would be solved, however, she admitted that she almost had enough.

“I have been going through a rough time in my marriage for a while already for many reasons. And just like with anyone else, it has been tough. I constantly pray for strength and wisdom and hope for better days ahead but the truth is napuno na ako.” she said.

She also shared that someone wanted to break her family, but she refused to name the said individual.


“As a woman, I believe we women should always have each other’s back. I honestly don’t understand why some others only want to destroy and steal.” she said.

Yesterday, model and content creator Chiyo dela Vega shared her conversation with Priscilla, showing that the actress confronted her about her alleged messages to John.

John who’s known for his playboy image was currently part of the top-rated ABS-CBN show ‘FPJ Batang Quiapo’.

The actor kept his silence on the issue.

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