Keempee de Leon may reaksyon sa diumano’y sigalot sa Eat Bulaga: “Misunderstanding lang siguro na hindi napapag-usapan”

Former Eat Bulaga Dabarkads Kempee de Leon talked about the rumored internal issue between the executives of the longest-running noontime show in the country.

In an interview with the Philippine Entertainment Portal, Keempee who became one of the hosts of Eat Bulaga in 1989–1997 and 2004–2016 said that it’s normal for some programs to face several issues.


He also said that he has not in a position to comment on the issue.

“Probably, may mga bagay naman na wala namang perpekto, e. May mga bagay-bagay na misunderstanding lang siguro na hindi napapag-usapan. Sana maayos nila, yun lang ang masasabi ko.” he said.

When asked if some of his former colleagues in Eat Bulaga gave an information to him about the issue, Keempee insisted that his hands were off to the issue.

He was only hoping that the problem would be resolved peacefully.


“Wala, e, management lang talaga ang makakapagdesisyon niyan, kung transition man yan o ano man. Sana maayos, kasi 44 years, hindi biro, e. Kumbaga, dun na rin ako nagkaedad. Kinalakihan ko na rin yan at naging parte na rin ako nang ganun katagal.” he said.

It can be recalled that several publications said that the internal issue between the Eat Bulaga executives including its chairman Romeo Jalosjos has not yet been over.

A report from cited that some creative staff of Eat Bulaga already received their ‘notice to retire’ as part of the rumored rebranding of the show on April 17.


However, all reports were mere speculations until the executives of Eat Bulaga have yet to make any statement on the issue.


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