Rachel Donaire still hoping that Nonito Donaire Sr. will accept her as part of his family: “I am emotionally exhausted”

Rachel Donaire posted several pieces of evidence to prove that her father-in-law Nonito Donaire Sr. was not telling the truth to the public.

It can be recalled that Nonito Sr. accused Rachel of being a ‘gold digger.’

Rachel published two videos to show documents proving that she was not taking the boxing allowance of her husband, Filipino boxing champ Nonito ‘The Flash’ Donaire Sr.

In the said document, it can be shown that the allowance, also called per Diem, was signed by Nonito Sr.


She even published a recording conversation between her and Nonito Jr., asking the latter if her husband was aware of the boxing allowance taken by his father.

Rachel also posted screencaps of her conversation with Nonito Sr. to clear her name to the public after the boxing trainer’s criticisms against her.

In another post, Rachel showed the properties owned by her family to prove that she doesn’t need to take money from her husband.

Despite the criticisms, Rachel was still hoping that Nonito Sr. will accept her as part of the Donaire family.

“It’s been 16 years pang, and 2 grandkids, Don’t you think its time for you to accept me and the boys as family?” Rachel said.


Rachel also revealed that she’s still making efforts to reconcile the father and son.

“I am emotionally exhausted of defending myself while orchestrating reconciliation with 2 grown men that have PHONES.” Rachel said. “I continuously pray that both Sr. and Jr. realize that once boxing is over, all you have left is family,” she said.

“I will always pray that one day Papang, you’d find it in your heart to finally accept me, the Marcial family, and my sons. until then, I will wipe my tears, take care of my little ones and my own heart,” she added.

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