Maegan Aguilar claims that Raffy Tulfo only used her for content: “Sa’yo na ang pera mo, I don’t need rehab!”

After begging for help, Maegan Aguilar made criticisms against Senator Raffy Tulfo, claiming that the latter only used her to create content and earn money.

In her now-deleted video, Aguilar said that she didn’t lose anything after Tulfo refused to help her after they found out she tested positive on the follicle test.

Aguilar told Tulfo that she only needed counseling and not rehab.

She also claimed that her critics didn’t understand her situation.


“Anyway, sa ’yo na pera mo, I don’t need your help! I don’t need rehab. if anything I need counselling,” Aguilar said.

“If anything I need a listening ear a shoulder to cry on that’s what I need.

“I do not need rehab na tuturukan ako ng kung ano ano. For me it’s not okay. It’s not for me.


“I don’t care kung ayaw niyong maniwala, go ahead kasi ang balik sakin niyan ay blessings,”

She even made a gesture to make fun of Tulfo.

“Belat, you didn’t win, you lost and I win, goodbye!” 

It can be recalled that Aguilar, who claimed to be homeless already, asked Tulfo for help so she could get money to fund her medications.

Aguilar also refused the offer from Tulfo to send her to rehab, insisting that she only needed money to build a business.


The latest statements from Aguilar didn’t receive well by netizens who called her ‘ungrateful’ for the help she received from Tulfo.

As of writing, Tulfo has yet to respond to the criticisms he received from Aguilar.

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