Dennis Padilla, binati si Julia Barretto sa kaarawan nito: “Ang bilis, 27 years old ka na”

Actor Dennis Padilla didn’t forget to greet his daughter Julia Barretto on her birthday.

On March 8, Dennis made an advance birthday greeting to Julia, whom he didn’t see for years because of issues between them.

He also realized that time flies fast when he sees his old photo with his daughter.

“Dearest Julia, Happy Happy Birthday anak. Ang bilis, 26 years old ka na. Ngayon ko lang na-realize na itong picture mo…” Dennis said.


He was also hoping that he would meet Julia someday.

“Dearest Juy… A picture in my wallet for 26 years and counting… Hope to see you soon.. Happy birthday anak!! Love you – Papa,” he wrote.

Netizens wished that the two would still reconcile despite their issues.

“Naway maging maayos na kayong magama,” netizen cletlea said.

“Nakakaiyak naman po,” netizen Materesa commented.


It can be recalled that the relationship between Dennis and Julia was unstable.

In a statement she posted in 2022, Julia admitted that she was not yet ready to forgive her father.

“I think it’s not difficult for us to forgive. It’s also just, there’s a lot of fear because I don’t know what’s gonna happen. But forgiveness, of course, that’s for my own peace of mind but I’m just not that ready. There’s just so much pain since I was young,” Julia said.

Dennis then expressed dismay over said statement of Julia, reminding the latter of what he did to provide for their needs.

“Nung malakas pa ako kumita at maliit pa kayo, kanino ba nabuhos lahat? Sa inyo. Kasi gusto ko maginhawa ang buhay nyo. Julia, ang alam mo kalahati ng katotohanan,” Dennis said.


“Ang buong buhay ko.. Ang halaga katumbas lang ng isang kotse mo Julia.. Ano pang revenge ang gusto niyong gawin? Lahat ng blessings NASA inyo na. Humingi ako ng apology sa mga pagkukulang ko. Ano pa guisto nyo?” he added.




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