Cristy Fermin to Liza Soberano’s father: ‘Dapat pinag-aral niyo ang anak niyo nang hindi pinasok ang pag-aartista!”

Veteran host and columnist Cristy Fermin addressed the father of Liza Soberano, John Castillo Soberano, amid the issues faced by the actress who just recently underwent ‘rebranding.’

It can be recalled that Liza admitted that she lost her childhood because of her career as an actress.

“I didn’t have a childhood, nor did I have the chance to grow and become an adult on my own terms,” said Liza.


“I’ve sacrificed my childhood. I’ve sacrificed my freedom, and I’ve sacrificed my happiness to present Liza Soberano to the world. I think I’ve earned the right to finally be me, to finally be able to do things for me as Hope Soberano,” she also said.

In her online program, Cristy asked John why they let Liza lose her childhood, which the actress complained about in her 14-minute vlog.

According to her, Liza’s father should didn’t let the actress enter showbiz in the first place.


“Nung sabihin ng anak niyo na inagaw ang kanyang childhood. Bakit nga kasi hindi niyo pinag-aral. Dapat pinapag-aral niyo ang anak niyo nang hindi pinasok ang pag-aartista,” Cristy stated.

“Isa yun sa mga ibinubutas ng ating mga kababayan na meron pa kayong paagaw-agaw ng childhood, ng happiness ng kanyang pagkatao. E kung ganoon lang din pala ang sasabihin mo e bakit ba hindi ka kasi pinag-aral ng mga magulang mo,” she added.


Cristy started to criticize Liza because of her statements about her former management led by talent manager Ogie Diaz.

The columnist called Liza ‘ungrateful’ for talking badly about her former colleagues.

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