Cherry Pie Picache asks if Darryl Yap deserves her attention: “Worth it bang pansinin?”

Veteran actress Cherry Pie Picache responded to the criticisms she received from director Darryl Yap.

It can be recalled that a feud started between the two when Cherry Pie said that she was not willing to work with Darryl because of their differences.

“Depende sa konteksto ng pelikula, sa script why not? Pero by Darryl Yap, no!” she said.

The director then made a series of posts against Cherry Pie, talking about the past career of the actress and her relationship with Edu Manzano.

Cherry Pie hesitates to respond to the director when asked about her reaction to Darryl’s criticisms.

“Ahhmm, no, I don’t feel humiliated. I think I’m not the one who should feel humiliated… that’s it. Thank you,” she said.

“Ayoko nang magsalita… bakit, worth it bang pansinin?” she added.

Yap has yet to respond to Cherry Pie’s decision to keep her silence over their feud.

Cherry Pie was the leading actress in’ Oras de Peligro,’ rivaling Darryl’s latest film.


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