Darryl Yap, may patama sa relasyon ni Cherry Pie Picache at Edu Manzano

Director Darryl Yap made another criticism against Cherry Pie Picache after the latter expressed disinterest in working with him.

It can be recalled that Picache questioned the conscience of Yap because of the movies being made by the latter about the Marcos family.

In a press conference for his latest movie, Yap urged Picache and even his hero Joel Lamangan to stop spreading misinformation that he was the one trying to compete with the movie ‘Oras de Peligro’.

He even mentioned Picache’s alleged breakup with her boyfriend Edu Manzano.

“Kung ako po sa inyo Miss Cherry Pie… nanood ako kanina ng Tanging Yamankasi gustung-gusto ko siya doon para lang hindi ko siya pagsalitaan nang masakit.” he said.

“Ang kaibahan lang sa Tanging Yaman, hindi siya iniwan ni Edu doon. Asawa kasi siya ni Edu doon,” he added.

The director then urged the two to spend the remaining years of their life not spreading lies and to avoid criticizing other films just to promote their own.

“You know Direk Joel, Miss Cherry Pie, yung natitira ninyong panahon sa mundong ito, huwag nyong gamitin para magsinungaling. Mag-meeting kayong dalawa kung paano ninyo ipo-promote nang marangal ang pelikula ninyo because we are not using your names, we’re not mentioning your names in any presscon.” he stated.

“Stop this jurassic form of promotion. That’s the only and the last statement that I will deliver. Don’t you dare malign my bosses, all the money that was produced here were all from hard work.” he added.

It can be recalled that Lamangan allegedly accused Yap of being funded by the Marcos family to produce several movies.

As of writing, Lamangan and Picache have yet to comment to the statement of Yap.


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