Atty. Topacio reminds Nicole Laurel Asensio of ‘Ako Si Ninoy’ on how the ‘yellows’ treated her grandfather badly

‘Ako Si Ninoy’ actress Nicole Laurel Asensio received a reminder from a lawyer telling her about the relationship of her grandfather former Vice President Salvador Laurel to former President Cory Aquino and to the ‘yellows’.

In his tweet, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio asked Asensio if Asensio was aware of how her grandfather received bad treatment from his supposed-to-be allies before accepting being cast in a movie about former Sen. Nino Aquino Jr.

“Just wondering: what is @NicoleAsensio doing running around with the same group of Yellowlalos that treated his grandfather Doy so badly? You were a little girl then, Nicole, but you should have seen what they did to Tito Doy when he was VP.” Topacio said.

It can be recalled that Laurel became the running mate of Aquino during the 1986 presidential election to oppose the reelection of former President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

However, Laurel left the administration in 1987 due to differences in moral principles with Aquino.

A letter written by the former Vice President to Aquino also went viral on social media many times.

In the said letter, Laurel said that under the Aquino administration “the nation has gone from bad to worse”.

“We promised our people morality and decency in government. What do we have instead? The very opposite.” Laurel said.

“The truth is that the peace and order situation is much worse today than when you came into office. It is now the number one problem of the nation.” he also said.

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