Granddaughter of Salvador Laurel, Nicole Asensio denies being a ‘dilawan’ despite being part of ‘Ako si Ninoy’

The granddaughter of former Vice President Salvador Laurel denied that she was aligning herself with the opposition despite being part of ‘Ako Si Ninoy’ movie.

Laurel portrayed the character Ms. Nunez, a teacher who supported students’ rights.

On February 24, Nicole Laurel Asensio answered the post of Atty. Ferdinand Topacio asked her if she was aware of how the ‘yellows’ treated the former Vice President when they came to power.

In her comments, Asensio denied that she aligned herself with the yellows and she was aware of her grandfather’s hardship.

“I grew up with my grandfather My family knows I did this film. Direk knows I am not yellow. If you want to create intrigue, talk to my family for clarification. Hi mom Iwi Laurel,” Nicole said.

She also urged the netizens not to label her as yellow.

“I know where I stand… don’t paint me colors that I am not,” she also stated.

It can be recalled that Laurel left the administration of former President Cory Aquino because of differences.

In an interview, Laurel who was supposed to run against Marcos in the 1986 elections also expressed regret after giving way and supporting Aquino in her presidency.

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