Taxi driver complains after not being paid by a foreign customer who suddenly acted unusual

A taxi driver cautioned his friends and the netizens after he encountered a female foreign national who allegedly didn’t pay him.

Netizen Paolong Polizon posted the photo of the still unidentified foreign national who hailed his taxi and even requested several things from him but in the end, didn’t pay him.

He claimed that when he was already asking for payment, the woman suddenly acted unusual and started to damage his car.

In a video posted by Polizon, it can be seen that the woman was trying to get away with the taxi driver and kicking the vehicle at the same time.

Polizon couldn’t do anything and even the security guard who was present during the incident was only watching the two argue.

“Pag minamalas-malas ka talaga sa biyahe,” the taxi driver said.

The woman can also be seen trying to get the service firearm of the guard.

In the end, the security guard suggested to the taxi driver to just leave.

According to Polizon, the incident happened on January 23 and he decided not to file a complaint anymore.

He also expressed disappointment to the guard saying that it didn’t do anything to control the woman even if she already tried to grab his firearm.

The nationality of the woman was not confirmed.

Netizens praised the taxi driver for remaining calm during the said incident.

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