Netizens express dismay after an artist tattooed his client’s face with ‘junjun’ design

Netizens raised their eyebrows after a Baguio City-based tattoo artist showed the design he put on his client’s face.

On their page, ‘Baguio Fulltime hustle tatttooo’ showed the controversial design they put to their client that resembled a body part of a man.

The tattoo can be found on the cheek of their client so people expected that it would gain too much attention when the man decided to walk along the streets.

According to the reports, the client was the one who requested to receive such a controversial tattoo design.

However, netizens didn’t like why the tattoo artist allowed the request of the client.

Some pointed out that artists should also be responsible for the well-being of their clients.

“Isa din tong tattoo artist pumayag nmn siya na magtattoo ng ganyan. Ang totoong tattoo artist ay may disiplina, hindi katulad niyan. Ang tattoo ay art yan.” netizen John Kevin Arcebal said.

“Kaya nawawalan ng respeto mga tao sa may mga tattoo ee..” netizen Patrick Paligar remarked.

“Ang tattoo ay art jan pinapakita kung ano ka sa kailaliman ng iyong puso kaya sa tattoo mo pinapakita mo lang na balahura ka/ bastos.” netizen Juvy Dela Cruz commented.

‘Baguio Fulltime hustle tatttooo’ didn’t respond to the comments of the netizens.

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