Man who run amuck in the middle of a street unfortunately encounters two trucks full of Philippine Army members

A still unidentified man who ran amuck in the middle of a highway in Nueva Ecija has gone viral on the internet after his braveness was quickly replaced by fear after he encountered two trucks transporting members of the Philippine Army on September 26.

The incident was recorded by Ranie Chuidian, showing the man holding a pipe and trying to strike fear into the motorist. He even blocked the road to prevent a motorist from crossing.

Moments later, trucks arrived behind the man but he didn’t quickly realize that the vehicles were owned by members of the Philippine Army.

The man quickly attempted to flee when he realized that the truck that he tried to block are transporting dozens of armed soldiers.

However, he was chased by the members of the Philippine Army, it’s not yet known if he was arrested by the authorities.

But there’s a lesson here, do not mess with the Filipino soldiers.

After several hours, the man decided to surrender himself to the authorities, explaining that he was only carrying problems.

He also apologized to the people who suffered inconvenience because of what he did.

Meanwhile, the reactions of the netizens who watched the video are hilarious.

“Yung isa lang hinihiling mo pero dahil ang lakas mo sa itaas binigyan ka ng sandamakmak na blessing.” Renz Dacles commented.

“Dapat ganto pinapalabas sa GMA TV5 at ABS eh pang pawala ng stress.” Kim Dominguez remarked.


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