He should step down! Winnie Monsod to President Duterte: “Allow Leni Robredo to take over”

Economist, columnist and TV host Winnie Monsod slammed the performance of the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte in handling the crisis in the Philippines.

In her latest Inquirer.net column, Monsod said that President Duterte should “apologize to the people” because of the incompetence of the government.

“This government has not done as good a job as any other, and I am outraged that as a result, we have allowed so many of our middle and lower economic class Filipinos to suffer,” Monsod said.

Monsod said that Duterte should resign even if he’s healthy and let Vice President Leni Robredo lead the government.

She believed that Robredo would solve the problem of the country better than Duterte who’s now in his fourth term as President.

“In fact, whether he is sick or not, I think he should step down, and allow Vice President Leni Robredo to take over. Then we will have a better chance of getting over the health and economic crisis that this administration has exacerbated,” she said.

At the end of her column, Monsod said that government incompetence was caused by prioritizing to close down ABS-CBN and passing the anti-terror bill.

“Who suffers for this? Let me remind you, Reader. It is the middle class and the poor. That’s at least 90 percent of our population,” she stated.

Last year, President Duterte himself slammed Winnie Monsod after the latter praised him in his efforts to fight poverty.

“Aren’t you surprised with that column? Aren’t you surprised this columnist is heaping praise on the President? From the time this President assumed office, she has not said any good word, and then suddenly there is praising. There must be some reason. is she laying a predicate?” said Salvador Panelo who’s the former presidential spokesperson.

“Anyway, the President asked me to give his response to this columnist. He said, ‘Tell her, I hate being patronized. FU’,” he added.

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