Suportado? Teacher who posted edited photo of Duterte gets support from some netizens

One of the Facebook pages of the school where the teacher who posted an edited photo of President Rodrigo Duterte is working posted a cryptic message.

On Tuesday, one of the pages of Maryhill College in Lucena City posted a short message amid the criticisms being received by one of their teachers Laarnie Villaluz.

“NO TO FASCISM,” the page said.

It’s not yet known if the said page was the official business page of the said school.

The said page got 7,990 followers and 30,810 check-ins.

Several netizens also threw their support to the teacher and criticized the Duterte administration.

“I am for the school that stands for truth.I am for the school that is not afraid to speak up.I am for the school that values life and human rights.I am for the school that allows its teachers to speak their mind,” Eric Isles said.

“Good job Maryhill for calling it what it is! It takes courage and honesty to speak the truth to power. Maryhill, All Hail!” Deo Prieto commented.


Screenshot from Maryhill College Lucena City Facebook page

However, some netizens, including an employee of Maryhill College didn’t like what the said Facebook page said.

“This page is not under the supervision of Maryhill College.
Kindly delete this post,” Michael Mcvey-Hally commented.

“Fascism ba Ang tawag nyo sa pagpuna Ng mga Tao sa bad influence na guro N’YO???” Jude Cetaph remarked.

“Now I blame the Institution that tolerate such manners,” Bradziz Suenan commented.

Yesterday, Villaluz received criticisms after she posted an edited photo of Duterte that making him look like eating dog food.

She apologized for the incident and even asked the netizens to spare her family, friends, and workplace on the issue.

However, some people were calling the attention of the Professional Regulatory Commission to investigate the teacher and revoke her license to teach.

The school has yet to give an official statement on the said issue.

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