Jim Paredes reacts on PhilHealth issue: “How can you steal from people who are sick?”

Legendary OPM artist Jim Paredes slammed the corruption allegedly happening in Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth).

In a series of tweets, Paredes gave his opinion over the revelation of the anti-fraud officer Thorsson Montes Keith that some officials of PhilHealth allegedly pocketed P15-B from the contribution of its members.

“And I am sure no one will go to jail,” Paredes said.

He also called the PhilHealth officials as ‘shameless’ for the alleged overpricing of the IT upgrades of the said corporation.

Paredes who recently became a topic on social media then said that no words could describe how ‘evil’ the people corrupting the money of PhilHealth.

“How can you steal from people who are sick and/ or dying? There are no words to describe how despicable and evil these Philhealth thieves are,” he stated.

Paredes is a known vocal critic of the Duterte administration.

PhilHealth denied the accusations of Thorsson against the company, saying that the latter only wanted to get a higher position.

“Atty Keith was hired as a job order contractor to do staff work under the Office of the President and is in no position to discuss office matters being in the Corporation for only 9 months. His malicious claims not substantiated by evidence were obviously made to malign officers that rejected his ambitions for higher offices which he is not qualified for,” the PhilHealth statement read.

Meanwhile, the Palace said that President Rodrigo Duterte would only fire PhilHealth President and CEO Ricardo Morales if there’s enough evidence of corruption against the retired general.

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