People surprised after Jim Paredes ‘shhhhh video’ aired on national television

A netizen who was casually watching television was surprised when Jim Paredes’ infamous private video appeared on the screen.

DZRH News aired the “Di niyo ba naririnig” parody video made by a Facebook page to remind everyone about the actions of Paredes in 2019.

The netizen recorded what he witnessed on television.

Fans of Paredes couldn’t hide their disappointment to DZRH for allowing to air Paredes video.

Some of them called the actions of DZRH as ‘unethical’.

Paredes who’s considered as one of the legends of OPM and known critic of the Duterte administration has yet to comment on the actions of DZRH.

In April 2019, Paredes faced one of the biggest challenges of his life when a supposed private video of him had been circulated on social media.

At first, Paredes denied the accusations against him, but later on, he admitted the sin he made.

“The video was real. It was private, and not meant for public consumption. I do not know how it became public. I can only surmise that in this ugly season of toxic politics, muckrakers determined to neutralize my influence by violating my privacy and digging up dirt on me are at work.”  Paredes said.

“I know many of you have judged me and condemned me, and those who held
me in high esteem are disappointed in me, to put it mildly. I apologize for my irresponsibility,” he also said.

Despite the apology he made, the video has been re-uploaded many times on social media and became a meme material.


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