I love you mama! Suspect behind the ‘lady in septic tank’ case shows sweetness to the victim

The case of Maria Evelyn Sayos captured the attention of the netizens after the authorities found that one of the suspects behind the demise of the victim was her own child.

Mrs. Sayos has gone missing since 2016, and the netizens who discovered the social media account of the suspect were surprised by what they found.


The suspect, Joanna Marie Sayos used a Facebook account until 2016 and netizens found sweet messages made by the former to the victim.

In 2016, Joanna Marie shared a photo of her younger days together with the victim and her father.

“Nakakamiss naman,” Joanna Marie said.

She also greeted the victim during the mother’s day.

“Hi Ma! Happy Mothers Day pati nadin sakin HAHA! 😀 Wish you all the best Thank you for being a Mother/Father samin ni Kuya and Johan. Yieee! Sorry sa lahat alam mo na yun Dami eh haha. Basta kahit anong mangyare Love kita :* <3
P.S. sa birthday ko ah! LamNa!”

In another post, she even greeted her mother with a happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday Ma! Okay naba yung mga treat ko sayo? Sexy mo dyan ah Iloveyou,” she wrote.


The ‘happy birthday’ post of Joanna Marie gave the most chill to the netizen because that was also the same month when it was reported that the victim faced her end in the hands of her own daughter.

The same year, Joanna Marie told her siblings that their mother flew to Singapore to work, but it was suspected that the victim was already faced her demise during those times.

Mrs. Rayos was only declared missing in 2018 because the suspect acted as her mother to answer messages from their relatives.


Joanna Marie’s boyfriend was also the suspect behind the demise of Mrs. Rayos.

According to the report, Joanna Marie’s boyfriend Ronald James Rubi was already planning to end the life of Mrs. Rayos in July 2016 but only did it during the victim’s exact birthday.

Rubi said that he had a feud with Mrs. Rayos.

The two suspects were now under the custody of Dasmarinas PNP to face charges.

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