KAPA founder Joel Apolinario breaks down in tears after being presented to the public

Kapa (Kabus Padatoon)-Community Ministry International Joel Apolinario couldn’t stop his tears from falling after he was presented to the public after months of hiding.

In the video, Apolinario was approached by a man trying to comfort him while he’s crying for still unknown reasons.

Apolinario, who allegedly led the Kapa investment scam was found by the joint force of PNP, SWAT, Philippine Coast Guard consisted of RSOG, SDS, SAF, RPSB, 1st PMFC, R2, Lingig MPS in an isolated resort in Surigao Del Sur on July 21.

The self-proclaimed pastor didn’t surrender quickly to the authorities as his private army fought the police using their high-powered weapons.


They recovered hundreds of weapons from Apolinario.

The hiding place of Apolinario. Photo courtesy: Bombo Radyo Butuan

Meanwhile, the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) praised the authorities for their successful mission against Apolinario who was accused of luring people to donate to his self-proclaimed religious group in exchange for 30% monthly interest.

SEC urged the investors of KAPA to file charges against Apolinario.


Judge Gil Bollozos of 10th Judicial Region, RTC, Branch 21 in Cagayan de Oro City didn’t recommend a bail to Apolinario.

Last year, President Rodrigo Duterte personally warned the people from investing in Apolinario’s religious group.

A few days, after Duterte’s statement, Apolinario disappeared in public and only attended a public rally to convince his followers that the President changed his mind and now supporting KAPA.


Some members of KAPA also filed an impeachment complaint against President Duterte and demanded 3-B pesos in damages.

Apolinario who’s a former fisherman and construction worker suddenly became rich three years after forming KAPA.

Some of Apolinario’s supporter is even urging the pastor to run in 2022 presidential elections.

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