Huli na! KAPA founder Joel Apolinario, private army captured by authorities – reports

The authorities have arrested the founder of religious company Kapa (Kabus Padatoon)-Community Ministry International Joel Apolinario, according to the report of a local radio station.

P/Major Rennel Serrano confirmed that they served a search warrant against Apolinario after being informed that the founder was hiding in his mansion in Lingig, Surigao Del Sur.

However, the authorities consisted of Special Action Force unit of Philippine National Police (PNP-SAF) serving the warrant were confronted by the private army allegedly hired by Apolinario to protect himself, forcing the officers to defend themselves.

They also said that there’s a sniper guarding the mansion of Apolinario.

The firefight between the private army and government side resulted in one casualty.

Authorities recovered high-powered arms like an M60 machine gun.


In June 2019, President Rodrigo Duterte warned the people about Kapa’s investment scam and vowed to file legal actions against Apolinario.

Kapa promised their members to return 30% of their donations every month which described by critics as ‘too good to be true’.

A few days, after Duterte’s statement, Apolinario disappeared in public and only attended a public rally to convince his followers that the President changed his mind and now supporting KAPA.

Some members of KAPA also filed an impeachment complaint against President Duterte and demanded 3-B pesos in damages.

Apolinario who’s a former fisherman and construction worker suddenly became rich three years after forming KAPA.

The SEC estimated that Kapa had invested about ₱50 billion from donations over the last three years.

Here’s the list of the companies owned by Joel and his wife Reyna according to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC):

1) JoRey Fuel Trading – 5 April 2019

2) JoRey Printing Services – 20 March 2019

3) JoRey Garments Trading – 8 March 2019

4) JoRey Fishing Boat – 11 January 2019

5) Reyna’s Convention Center – 9 January , 2019

6) JoRey Agri Banana Plantation – 14 Nov. 2018

7) JoRey Multi-Media Production – 26 Oct. 2018

8) JoRey Gasoline Station & Convenience Store – 23 Aug. 2018

9) KAPA Minmetals Trading – 28 June 2018

10) JoRey Love Bakeshop & Restaurant – 25 Jan. 2018…


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