“Wow yaman!” Joel Apolinario suddenly become rich in just 3 years after founding KAPA

Amid the issue being faced by KAPA Community Ministry International, netizens noticed how Pastor Joel Apolinario, the founder of the said group, suddenly accumulated wealth and founded businesses in just a short period.

In several social media posts, it showed that in 2016, Joel and his wife Reyna Lobitana Apolinario are only living a simple life, but everything suddenly changed when they founded KAPA.

Three years after they founded KAPA, Apolinario who’s a former fisherman and construction worker has already owned businesses like poultries, plantations, gas stations, printing services in different parts of Mindanao.

Apolinario also reportedly owned several fishing boats and vehicles being used for his other businesses.

Aside from businesses, the construction worker-turned-pastor also owned helicopters and luxury vehicles.

Here’s the list of the companies owned by Joel and his wife Reyna according to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC):

1) JoRey Fuel Trading – 5 April 2019

2) JoRey Printing Services – 20 March 2019

3) JoRey Garments Trading – 8 March 2019

4) JoRey Fishing Boat – 11 January 2019

5) Reyna’s Convention Center – 9 January , 2019

6) JoRey Agri Banana Plantation – 14 Nov. 2018

7) JoRey Multi-Media Production – 26 Oct. 2018

8) JoRey Gasoline Station & Convenience Store – 23 Aug. 2018

9) KAPA Minmetals Trading – 28 June 2018

10) JoRey Love Bakeshop & Restaurant – 25 Jan. 2018

It was also reported that Apolinario owned a school and hospital in Davao Del Norte.

Several critics of KAPA believed that Apolinario gathered his wealth from luring investors to his religious group, promising a 30% monthly interest.

Meanwhile, KAPA defenders insisted that their religious group could afford to give 30% monthly “blessings” to their 5 million members because of the businesses owned by Apolinario.

According to SEC, the total investment made by the people to KAPA already reached P50-B and they’re sure that the interest being offered by the said religious group was unrealistic.

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