Renato Reyes slams 70 representatives who voted against ABS-CBN franchise: “Sad day for press freedom”

Renato Reyes couldn’t hide his anger after the 70 lawmakers rejected the proposal to give ABS-CBN a new franchise on Friday.

Only 11 lawmakers voted in favor of ABS-CBN.

Reyes described the actions of the lawmakers against ABS-CBN as ‘sad day for press freedom”.

“70 representatives voted to deny ABS-CBN a franchise. They call it a historic moment. We say it is an outrage and another dark day for press freedom,” Reyes said.

“Today Congress moved to deny ABS-CBN’s franchise, killing thousands of jobs and the hopes of the people. We must make a stand,” he also said.

On Friday, ABS-CBN lost another chance to operate after the Committee on Legislative Franchises recommended to reject ABS-CBN’s franchise.

According to them, their decision should not be allign to press freedom.

“By no means can this franchise application be related to press freedom, it is what it is–a denial of a privilege granted by the State because the applicant was seen as undeserving of the grant of a legislative franchise,” the document reads.

ABS-CBN was accused of violating labor laws, evading taxes, and being biased.

A Congressman also revealed that someone who claimed from ABS-CBN offered him 200-M to favor the franchise of ABS-CBN.

ABS-CBN claims that 11,000 employees would be affected by their closure.

They also said that they’re losing 30 to 35 million a day because of the order of the National Telecommunications Commission to stop their operations.

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