Kim Chiu reacts on the decision of the congress to reject ABS-CBN franchise: “Para saan pa at nag HEARING? Para magpahiya?

Actress Kim Chiu was saddened by the decision of the 70 members of the House of Representatives to junk the ABS-CBN franchise Friday.

Only 11 lawmakers decided to give ABS-CBN a chance to operate.

In a tweet, Chiu who’s one of the most vocal supporters of ABS-CBN asked why the Kapamilya network’s franchise was rejected despite not having any violations.

According to her, ABS-CBN representatives vowed to fix the mistakes of their company.

Because of the decision of the Congress, Chiu then questioned the purpose of the 12-day hearing launched by the Committees on Legislative Franchises and on Good Government and Public Accountability.

“Wala namang violations na nilabag, nangako naman na aayusin ang mali, para saan pa at nag HEARING??? Para saan yun? Para magpahiya? sorry for my words pero sobrang grabe lang po talaga ang nangyari,” Chiu said.

“We voted for our law makers into power hoping that they will act for the greater good. But, what happened today?… what happened to the 13 hearings? Abscbn proved na walang violations ang nagawa. Why are we experiencing this? Why now?. Why not help each other for the better?” she also said.

Some netizens reacted on Chiu’s post, asking if the actress was confident that ABS-CBN didn’t commit any violations.

“Proven at hand . !saan mo nakuhang walang violations? Kay zarate ? Have you ever heared him say any documented proceedings to assure us that what hes saying is true and a total summation of what truly the hearings have come up ? Or just a mere opinion and a self interest,” netizen @kentPhil1 asked.

“Walang violation..pero nangangako na aayusin Ang Mali.. conflicting yta yun,” @tarycha remarked.

Chiu has gone viral last month because of her statements while defending ABS-CBN.

“Sa classroom may batas, bawal lumabas, oh bawal lumabas. Pero ‘pag sinabi, ‘pag nag-comply ka na bawal na lumabas pero may ginawa ka sa pinagbabawal nila, inayos mo ‘yong law ng classroom niyo at sinumbit mo ulit ay pwede na pala ikaw lumabas,” said the actress in a Facebook live event.

Her statement became so popular that she made a song about it.

ABS-CBN claimed that there are 11,000 employees that would be affected by the closure of the Kapamilya network.



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