Journalist Julius Babao reminds Congressmen: “Whatever you decide on the fate of ABS-CBN will be written in our history”

Journalist Julius Babao reminded the lawmakers that their decision on the ABS-CBN franchise on Friday may be put in history books.

In a tweet, Babao said that lawmakers cannot reverse what would happen on Friday that’s why they should be careful about their decision.

“To our congressmen: Whatever you decide on the fate of ABS-CBN will be written in our history. There is no turning back. Before you cast your vote on Thursday. Thank the Lord & Say a prayer. Then ask yourself, “ Am I doing this for the good of my country or for myself?” Babao said.


He also addressed the ABS-CBN employees, saying that they should not lose hope.

“To my fellow ABS-CBN employees. Do not lose faith in God. Remember the story of Job. The Lord has taken away everything from him. But his faith never faltered. In the end he reaped all blessings from God. Be like Job in these dark times,” he stated.

Babao made the said tweets after he slammed the people opposing the continuation of ABS-CBN’s operation.


“Inuulit ko ang mga nag-aasam at nangangarap na mawalan ng trabaho ang 11,000 na manggagawa ngayong panahon ng pandemya ay mga kampon ng kadiliman,” he said.

Babao worked at ABS-CBN since 1993.


The House of Representatives would vote on the fate of the ABS-CBN franchise on Friday.

91 members and ex-officio members of the House committee on legislative franchises and Committee on good government would decide whether the Kapamilya network would get a new franchise or not.

Lawmakers also denied that they already made an unofficial tally a few days ago.

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