Lawyer confident that Francis Leo Marcos is innocent: “His only fault was that he cared more for the poor than for himself”

The lawyer of Norman Mangusin also known as Francis Leo Marcos was confident that his client was going to gain his freedom soon claiming that they only need to face one serious case in the court.

In a Facebook post, Atty. Abraham Espejo said that only the human trafficking charges against his client were considered as a challenge to finally give Marcos the freedom he wanted.

Espejo explained that it’s very easy to accuse anyone and file a case, but it’s tough to prove it, especially that the proof required against the suspect should be beyond a reasonable doubt.

Atty. Espejo together with his client.

The lawyer also said that there’s hundreds of Norman Mangusin living in the Philippines as they checked the record.

He also suggested that people should not believe anyone who accused Marcos because his client was still considered innocent by the law.

“His only fault was that he cared more for the poor than for himself,” Espejo remarked.

Here’s the post from Espejo:

“1. The only serious existing case is the alleged trafficking case in the RTC in Manila. The others are not so difficult as they are all bailable.

2. Those who are giving an opinion that Francis has been charged in so many hundreds of cases are dead wrong. We only see one commitment order and just a few warrants from some unmeritorious cases.

3. Easy to accuse but hard to prove. Anyone can make a malicious complaint and file a case. But the mere filing of a case does not ipso facto mean a conviction.

4. The quantum of proof required in criminal cases is proof beyond reasonable doubt. Something that is so difficult to achieve. It is not enough that there is proof. The law requires proof that can withstand any doubt or alternative explanation. This is due to the constitutional presumption that the accused is innocent. Thus, in case of doubt, the law will favor the accused.

5. On the matter of several people with the same name as “Norman Mangusin”. Well last count – we saw hundreds of people who have the same name. Apparently public records show this surprising fact. And this actually greatly aids the cause of the defense. It makes it more difficult for the prosecution to prove its case. I can’t complain. In fact, i am happy to know this.

6. Let us not believe people who falsely accuse Francis out of the blue – of a myriad of offenses. Until they can prove this in court beyond reasonable doubt, their accusations are not worth a thing.

7. Some have continued to attack the character of Francis – these people who have nothing but malice and perhaps envy in their hearts. Well they are entitled to believe what they want to believe but they certainly have no right to poison the character of Francis. And they have no right to force majority of the people to adopt their delusions. It is not legal and most certainly not moral. So just let the bashers believe in their delusions. Anyway they gain nothing from putting down a good man.

8. I stand by our client. I believe he is innocent and we will do battle in court to vindicate his name. My client is no angel. But he has a golden heart.

Marcos showing his teeth to his followers

Marcos was put under the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on May 19 for violating the Optometry Law.

Before the self-proclaimed businessman posted a bail, NBI discovered more cases named under Francis Leo Marcos and Norman Mangusin.

Charges including human trafficking, falsification of documents, inciting to sedition, bouncing checks, and passport law were reportedly filed against Marcos.

One of the complainants claimed that Marcos owed him/her 7,000,000 pesos.

Marcos was transferred to Camp Bagong Diwa on June 15, saying that he felt unsafe in the custody of NBI.

“Sa mga naninira sa akin, darating ang araw na makikita niyo ang katotohanan at tiyak ako na magsisisi kayo. Ganun pa man, hinahamon ko kayo na gumawa ng mabuti sa ating mga kapos palad na kababayan,” Marcos said before entering the Camp Bagong Diwa.


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