Kulong na! Francis Leo Marcos transferred to Camp Bagong Diwa and eventually to Manila City Jail

The camp of Norman Mangusin, also known as Francis Leo Marcos confirmed that their client was already ordered by the court to be transferred to Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig.

While the decision of the court to transfer Marcos to BJMP may be a bad sign in the eyes of the critics, the lawyers of the self-proclaimed businessman believed that their client is safer in the custody of the BJMP than the National Bureau of Investigation.

According to them, Marcos felt that he’s in danger during his stay at the NBI detention center.

Francis Leo Marcos wearing an orange shirt entering his new temporary home

“In answer to your question, YES we have a commitment order issued by RTC Br 25 to transfer the detention of Francis from the NBI to the BJMP,” Attorney Abraham Espejo, one of the lawyers of Marcos said.

“It’s a good order because it will prevent Francis from being harmed. It is risky for him to be detained by the same people who arrested him. We believe that his arrest was illegal. And if this is later on proved in court, the arresting officers will be in deep trouble. The temptation for them to retaliate against Francis is there and the chances of a possible attempt on his life are high,” he added.

“We don’t want Francis to be exposed to danger. Better for him to be transferred to the BJMP and away from the NBI for his safety,”

Atty. Abraham said that they’re expecting Marcos to be transferred to Camp Bagong Diwa “and eventually to the Manila City Jail”.

“Let me point out that we are fighting in court to free Francis in a series of bail hearings. We are hopeful that our efforts will have a successful outcome,” he said.

It was confirmed that Marcos was already transferred to Camp Bagong Diwa on Monday.

Ironically, one week ago, his still-active “Mayaman Challenge” donated sacks of rice to Camp Bagong Diwa

Marcos was facing multiple charges including human trafficking, r*pe, illegal recruitment, land grabbing, falsifying documents.

NBI also found that Marcos was using a fake name, documents, and the properties he’s showing to his vlogs was only borrowed.

The problem of Marcos started when he filed a complaint to NBI to investigate the people making ‘fake accounts’.

NBI then discovered that Marcos was ordered to appear in court due to his violation of Optometry law.


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